Thursday, March 31, 2011

So ugly she's cute?

The plan was to try and incorporate my new floating eyelid technique with one of my established designs, for a somewhat more traditionally shaped bear than Pax or the bear army.

After receiving the gorgeous photo of Booth and Toulouse from one of my collectors, I thought maybe that would be the best pattern to try the new eye technique on. After all, the design has a nice big head, plenty of room to play with!

Lets just say things didn't quite go to plan... I was a little worried after I'd set the eyes, sewn the head and put a bit of stuffing in. That was one ugly little bear staring back at me! I think in moments like that it can be very tempting to just chuck the offending thing away. But being the frugal person that I am, I couldn't bring myself to waste perfectly good mohair, (which serves me right for experimenting with my good fur!!) so I persevered, determined to make the bear look semi reasonable. I wrote on my facebook page that I was hoping to get it to the 'so ugly it's cute' stage... and I kind of think I might have succeeded. She's unique though, there's no doubting that!

I've called her Pomona, and for all intensive purposes she is perfect - fully jointed, stuffed with polyfill and beads, neatly closed seams, rounded paw pads, awesome funky tufted batik-dyed mohair, big 3D embroidered nose... and THOSE eyes!

Pomona is now on etsy and bearpile.


  1. Aww, I think you made it as far as cute

  2. lol, thanks Katy and Michele. I've been really surprised by how much positive feedback I've gotten for her!