Monday, February 28, 2011

Toy Voyager

In answer to the question I asked in the last posting (should I buy a commercial toy to send as a toy voyager, or make one myself?) - I ended up making one. I figured if I'm going to put all the energy into setting up the account for Byron, and sending this little guy off, and expecting other's to take him around and photograph him in their local areas, the least I could do was make him special to begin with.

He's a strange little guy with a flat head and small cotterpin jointed body. Very light weight but full of character. The design was actually inspired by some bears that used to be on bearpile a few years back. The bear artist was from Singapore, but I can't for the life of me remember her name. Some of you out there in Blog-Land might know her? She used to make little bears with big flat heads and string jointed limbs and would sell them at a very low price. I think I picked my one up for about $35, and she's beautifully made. (she's the one with the big blue eyes in the middle of this picture).

I didn't want to rip off her idea completely, so Byron's Bear is a little different, with a more football shaped head, stockier body and stranger facial expression! But I do acknowledge that there are some distinct similarities, so if anyone know's her name I'll love to publicly credit her here!


  1. очень милый парень!!!!!! а какой у него кулон- подвеска!!!!!!!! Он просто милашка!

  2. Hi Em, The gorgeous bear with the big blue eyes looks like a Merry Go Bear from Barbara Choo (I think that's her name:o) She is an artist in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpar (I think).
    Regards, Di

  3. Thanks Di, i think you're spot on there!!