Tuesday, July 31, 2012

And the winner is...

I had intended to do a reminder post for the giveaway bear as the last few days came to a close, but we've all been quite unwell with a nasty flu/chest infection this week. Well, all of us except for Chelsea who has somehow managed to dodge the germ with Byron, Mark and I coughing and spluttering around the place! 

It was actually Mark's birthday yesterday, so we dragged our diseased little family out of the house, and took our germ for a road trip! It was nice to get out and sit in the sun for a few hours, and I think the kids enjoyed a bit of fresh air too. The best birthday present we could give Mark - a semi-normal day!

So with our last bits of energy last night Mark and I tallied up the enties for all of those who had helped us share Mackenzie's picture and who had purchased from our Fur Addiction store (and our ebay store and etsy store). We got Chelsea to pull a name out of a bowl, and the winner was...

...Glenda Pagacs!

Glenda has been contacted and Mackenzie is all packed up and ready to make her way to her new home! A HUGE thanks to everyone who joined in with the giveaway! We had over 80 comments and shares on our facebook page and nearly 40 comments here on the blog too. 

We will be organizing a new giveaway for August once we're feeling a bit better to celebrate hitting 400 likers on facebook too! I'll post details of that once we have them set :) 


  1. Thank you for game...
    My congratulations for winner...

  2. Поздравляю от души Победителя) Очень рада за нее, такое Чудо поселится в ее домике!
    Спасибо за розыгрыш!