Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Truffle - Open Edition Bear

We have someone a little different to offer this evening. Meet 'Truffle'. He's a long 21" tall and has been made in two of our faux fur fabrics - 'Chocolate Truffle' and 'Fluffy Cloud'. We've decided to offer him as an open edition bear, meaning that we won't set an upper limit on how many of these lanky big boys we make.

Obviously each one will have it's own look - I can NEVER make two exactly alike, but they'll have the same fur/pattern. You will get to choose the eyes/nose/bow though. And even if we used every last piece of our fur in the lines making these guys, there still wouldn't be more than 100 worldwide.

Truffle (no. 1) is currently available for adoption. Or if you'd like to order your own Truffle, feel free to email me at His adoption fee is only $150, with registered worldwide airmail postage included.

I couldn't resist getting a quick shot of Chelsea with him too. Helps to show off how big this bear really is

I also can't believe that Miss Chelsea is nearly 3! She reminds us everyday that it's nearly her birthday soon (21st July). We've got a dolls house, some mini figurines and furniture and a jointed cloth baby doll put aside for her special day. I asked her what SHE wanted for her birthday, and the reply was 'Ummmm, a Super Hero!'.... so not so sure what to make of that! lol. Maybe I'll make a super hero costume for her and her new baby doll!? lol

My sweet baby girl three years ago...

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