Sunday, July 8, 2012

Willem and Wanda

After falling in love with the old-school duo bears we made last week, We decided to do another! This time we pulled out a funky blue tipped yellow mohair, and a piece of pink/grey hand dyed mohair I'd purchased from Alison at eTeddies some time ago.

This was the result! 

Wanda is probably my favourite of this duo (Mark prefers Willem - must be a boy thing!). I LOVE how the unique lines/patches in her fur have given her a mottled look. Matched up with the crazy-heavy shading we've done on her face, and this is one unique, bizarre little teddy.

Willem got quite a dark face too, and both bears ended up with more of the handmade Russian glass eyes. They're just so perfect for this look. I do love this close up photo of Willem below. He's a real little sweetheart.

Both bears are currently available on bearpile, etsy and

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