Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Three new bears to show off

We've been a bit busy again in the Emma's Bears studio. I found a stunning piece of fushia tipped cream mohair in my stash that I just HAD to work with immediately! So we've ended up with two very different girly bears, and one very old-man looking bear to show for this weeks efforts!

This lovely girl is 'Avignon'. She's approx 12" long from her high-set ears to her bendy little toes. 
I wanted a name that was feminine, but still strong for this pretty girl - and Avignon seemed perfect. Especially when said with a French accent! lol 


Then this little lady was finished over the weekend. (Mark was away for a few nights on a boys weekend, so I'm actually a little bit proud of myself for getting her finished while watching the kids on my own too. Lets just say that as cute as this bear looks, my house now looks the complete opposite though! lol)

We called her Phoebe, and I borrowed Chelsea's new baby doll bed (one of her 3rd birthday presents) to take some photos with. Chelsea wasn't too impressed mind you... 


And this crazy big guy is 'Archibald'. He's made in one of our bear supply fur fabrics, our 'Vanilla Yeti' - so I could show an example of how it makes up into a bear. 

I really love how this fur sits actually. The pile isn't crazy-dense, so it gives the finished bear a lovely scruffy/shaggy look that works well for this big guy. 

I thought I'd give him some white fur cheek inserts too, and had planned to trim them back to be nice rounded cheeks... but I got this far with the trimming and couldn't bring myself to cut anymore! He wouldn't be an 'Archibald' without those long whiskers! I think it definitely makes him quite unique!