Sunday, July 15, 2012

Baby Dragons

Now that the 'Friends of Teddy' online bear show is in full swing, I can finally show you some of the brand new designs I've been working on. 

These two creations are Baby Dragons, with their rounded, faces, hatch-ling wings and stumpy horns. This guy is 'Uther' and he is a Baby Water Dragon. 

This image shows both babies together. You can see that Uther has a more boy-dragon look, while Adalind looks a little more girly - just with the lower placement of her eyes and wider set ears. 

Both dragons are made from some of our hand painted mohair with the metallic flecks. It can be hard to see the effect this gives in the photos - but it's beautiful in person. They both have hand painted ooak eyes, with hand sculptured lids, hand sculptured horns/claws, hand made wings (not made by me though), each spike down the spine is hand sewn/stuffed and inserted and they're both fully T-pin jointed. 

Both Uther and Adalind are currently available from the Teddies World Wide Show for the next 24hrs. They are a little more expensive than my regular bear line, but layaways are definitely available.