Saturday, August 4, 2012

Some hand-dyed fun!

This week we've been having some fun with hand-dyeing mohair again, and making bears from the results. This cheeky bear is 'Chakra', and he was made from a piece of our rainbow mohair. We were careful to lay out his pattern to keep his face light, but evenly distribute the rest of his colours over his body and limbs. The result is a very bright, very unique little bear.

We had a discussion on our Emma's Bears Facebook page about what colour eyes he should have, if any. I was undecided if he would look better with black eyes or coloured. We ended up going with a sparkling pair in the exact same shade of violet purple as he features on his ear and foot.

He even looks beautiful from behind! 

Chakra is currently available through our etsy store. Once he is sold though, that is it. This big boy is definitely a one of a kind!

Then, these two ladies were finished just today. They are a big sister/little sister duo of bears made in one of our multi-shaded pieces of mohair. We ended up with a piece of fur with patches of deep violet right through to a light pastel lavender. The effect of cutting out two bears from this pieces has meant that the patches of colour are a little more evenly distributed across both of their bodies.

These are some of the pieces of hand painted fur that we've decided to put up for sale as well. If you've been inspired to try your own colourful, unique project this might just be the challenge you've been looking for!

We called this piece 'Enchanted Forest'

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