Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bambina and Max

This little lady-in-pink is 'Bambina'. She was just finished this afternoon! 

I had so much trouble choosing her eyes... I always gravitate towards the blue ones, but they just didn't look as nice as this green pair. I do think pink and green are a classic combo though - very natural. Like fields of spring flowers and lush grass. 

Bambina is currently available on etsy and bearpile. You can also purchase her as a kit to make yourself, or you can purchase her gorgeous pink and white kid mohair in sizes starting from 1/8m pieces. 

And this is Max - our BIG boy! We finished Max on the weekend after the bear show. I had intended to bring him with me to the show to work on, but didn't really get a moment to work on him there anyways! (and if we do a show again, I might plan to bring a somewhat smaller bear to work on! lol)

Max is made in our 'Sasquatch' choc tipped faux fur. It has a lovely dense pile that makes up beautifully into big bears like Max here (who is 21") or would also work well for bears 8-10" tall as well, giving a slightly fluffier look. I just love the way the trimmed face is lighter on bears that have the tipped fur. A really easy way to get a great, natural effect! 

Max also looks out through a pair of our hand painted eyes (which you can purchase for your bears), this time in a starling silver/gold with flecks of aqua blue. 

His pulled toes were a bit of a last minute decision. I wasn't sure if the shapes I'd designed for his hands and feet would mold very well - but with a bit of experimenting they did kind of work. His feet aren't perfect, but I still think this looks better than leaving them flat. And they're just nice to run your hand over! lol 

Max is currently available on etsy and bearpile as well.