Friday, August 10, 2012

As promised... the AUGUST GIVEAWAY is here!

After the CRAZY success of our July giveaway we promised to do another one for August as a little thank you for all of the new followers and likers (facebook)

This one is a little different. You don't need to share the photo if you don't want to, you don't need to like anything or follow anything. All you need to do is to use your imagination! 


It works like this:
* WE offer one of our limited custom-bear placements for September to ONE lucky winner, 
* YOU tell us what bear you'd design if you won the placement. 

That's it!

I've included some photos of our previous bear designs below to give you a little inspiration. You can also browse over 600 of our adopted bears in our archives on bearpile. As for the fabrics (mohair and/or faux fur), just have a peek in any of our bear supply stores on etsy, ebay or direct from our website and let us know what you'd choose. 

Then just comment with your ultimate bear/fabric mash up! For example, if I was entering, I'd order our 'Eliza the Vampire' bear in our 'Cherry Bomb' red/black faux fur.

Mark and I will choose the most creative design suggestion on the first day of Spring (September 1st), and we will get to work bringing the winning idea to life for the lucky collector! 

**** If we can get to 250 followers on this blog, and/or 500 likers on facebook, we'll double the love, and choose TWO winners! (so, there is a little incentive to share the giveaway with your friends, but definitely not compulsory! ;)) ****

We're really looking forward to seeing your suggestions!

Little Scruffy Bear

Big Bright Bear

Sweet Classic Bear

Baby Bear

Blithely Bear

Sculptured Bear with mohair body

Relaxed Bear

Big-Eyed Bears

Cactus Bear

Eliza the Vampire Bear

Elodie Prim Bear

Little Bright Bear

Blue-eyed Panda

Toasted Marshmallow Bear

Duo of Panda Bears

Sunny Bear

Realistic Bunny Rabbit


  1. I would choose a Moira style bear in Spotted Cinnamon mohair.
    Your bear, Li Mei, lives with me and I would love another of your bears.

  2. I would leave everything to you....I love all your bears anyway- and this way I know it would come straight from your heart :) xx

  3. I have a soft spot for the one in the photo here, But I would love it in deep red...

  4. Emma, I would love to enter your giveaway!!

    If I had my choice, I would love a bear like "Gucci" or "Yu Jie" made up in your Baby Owl and white fur!

    Bear Hugs,

  5. Emma, I wаnt to enter your giveaway!!If I had my choice, I would love a bear like "Iris18"" or " Misty9"" made up in your Royal Purple and white fur! Bear Hugs, RusaLena (Spain)

  6. ooh! Some excellent choices guys! :)

  7. So hard to choose but I'm going to go with Blizzard in Snow leopard tissavel.
    Bear hugs,

  8. I'd like to see more bunnies like Picalo, but in all kinds of fur. To start, I'd choose the Maltese Cream. :) Love all of your bears and other creations!

  9. Hola Emma
    Soy una enamorada de tus ositos.
    En particular de una preciosa señorita llamada "Beauty", con un maravilloso color sencillamente un sueño!!!!
    Me encantaria participar y cruzo los dedos.
    Subo el aviso a mi blog.
    Soy seguidora de tu pagina de facebook.
    besitos ascension

  10. Hello, Emma!
    Thank you for the chance to get your teddy bear! I looked at bears, which you did, and realized that each of them is good in its own way! The choice is very difficult, I like Seamus, Lutsien, Archibald, Lennox! They have very beautiful eyes!
    I love to read fairy tales, at home I have a mini library of books - "Tales of the World"! And I would very much like a bear cub from a fairy tale! Maybe it would be "Hans and Greta," and maybe "The Little Match Girl," "Little Mermaid" or "Red Little Hood "! All these characters are worth translating into a bear life!
    I would really hope that my ideas have given birth to your inspiration!
    Sorry for my English translation!

  11. Hola Emma!!!
    Me gustaría participar en tu sorteo!! el regalo es precioso,ahora te anuncio en mi blog.
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  12. Que bonitos osos realizas Emma.
    Te he conocido a través del blog de AScensión y me gustaría participar en el sorteo.
    Me hice seguidora de tu blog y de tu página en facebook.
    Gracias por esta oportunidad, lo anuncio en el mio.

  13. Emma, ​​thanks for the opportunity to participate in the giveaway. I really like your teddy bear. Special love I have for teddy bear blue hues. I'm crazy about Willem, Patrick, and Tulouse. Usually shades of blue represent the Bears boys, but I would like to see a girl with ruffles, bows, surrounded by butterflies and flowers or a bit of a girl - a princess of rain and water.

  14. Dear Emma, great idea for a wonderful giveaway! I'd like to see a teddy girl "Melbourne" made of Enchanted Forest hand dyed OOAK mohair fur with SILVER Sparkles - 15mm pile. Beary hugs, Iris ♥♥♥

  15. thanks for all of your suggestions guys! We've just hit the 100 liker mark on our Fur Addiction facebook page ( which means we'll be drawing TWO winners!!!!

  16. I´d discovered your bears today. I love it! I always desired a clasic brown bear dancer with the pink "tutu". But to be more "original" I like a football tiger one.
    I´m follower of your facebook web.

  17. OOOHHHH I would love to win a bear! Your bears are the best! I would love a little bright bear in "Surfs up color" I'd crochet him one of my extra long elf hats!

    1. Hi GrammyJan - you are one of our WINNERS!!! :D Congratulations! If you wanted to email me at we can work out the specifics of what your little 'Surf's Up' Bear will look like! :)

  18. As I work mainly in faux fur and I am just dipping my toe into the wonderful world of mohair. I am in awe of the beautiful colours you achieve when dying. So if I won, I would have to chose something similar to your gorgeous Water Sprite fabric in a similar style to Chakra or Jacqueline.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Hi, dear Emma!:-)
    How are you?
    Do you have a great "Giveaway" again?
    WOW!!! Super!!!
    I really hope that I'm lucky right now ...
    What bear i want...
    An opportunity is immodest, but I want a bear ,whom will
    look like me,be? ...
    I will adore, safe and give her for my
    children, grandchildrens after :-)
    It should be a blonde girl Helga:
    soft, fluffy outsude, but with the character inside :-), with very light "aristocratic"
    fur and ... aquamarine eyes ...
    (she can to be with aquamarine nose like uBlithely Bear too); vintage lace collar with a brooch at the neck (I love retro and vintage), and with the small bear- son Alex in hands (with the big dark eyes) :-) ....
    Well, as the task is feasible? :-)
    With my best regards and love for your bears, OlenkaFotiou
    from Greece
    /link on right side ot my aguamarine blog :

  21. Wow, all your bears are just wonderful. And thank's a lot for the bear pattern. I only start making bears or mostly thinking how to make this or that :) And if I'm lucky enough to win I prefer... yet it's really hard to choose as the bears are great as they are. anyway I think I choose MONTY in 'Arctic Wolf' faux... or 'Midnight Frost' deep blue with deep blue eyes. But as I already sais the bear is just perfect. Thanks a lot for this chance and for so amazing and inspiring creations :) Good luck with all you do!
    Greetings from Russia!

    1. Hello! That's me again and hope not too late. Finally I chose the design. So the previous one doesn't count. The new one: POWDER in Mustard Cream with ears in Buttercup bright yellow and a yellow ribbon :)

  22. So interesting to choose favorite bear in favourite fur - I like Tia, but in Spotted Cinnamon mohair with white face, like cheetah or leapard look.
    Your fur selection so great, all the best on expading!!

  23. I would love "Lieve" ( in Baby Owl! So cute! bearHugs, Bec

  24. I just love your baby dragon so I would choose that pattern and made in your custom painted mohair - Dark Knight - in purple and black - I think it would look amazing! Viv

  25. The Bear: Edward (panda style bear)

    The colours: Indigo blue mohair with Silver Sparkles and Sahara Sunset mohair, orange/gold with blue tip!

    OMGosh, he's such a gorgeous Mr Bear, I think these colours would be awesome for his look alike bear! And I'm sure he would love to come and live in New Zealand! :o)

  26. For me it would have to be one of your pandas like Lyric made up in Dove Brown and Bermuda mohair.

  27. mmm so many ideas, I like Blithely Bear with that beautiful big blue nose, in a rainbow mohair.

  28. or Blithely Bear in your new lovely white kid mohair a big blue nose and lovely pretty blue eyes to match

  29. oh i forgot big blue pretty bow on their heads:)
    and o no just had another idea your lovely big panda in the white and pink mohair with nice eyes and a big pink ribbon around her neck

  30. Hello Emma!
    I would lOOOOve to see a bear that looks like Avignon and is made of fluffy cloud (milky white) fur! This is my dream, please make it come true :)
    Thank you for the game !

  31. and here is my link ;)

  32. I'm totally mesmerised by Georgina here ( as I've always dreamt of owning a girl bear large enough to hug. I would go for Porcelain Frost Cream mohair as it's a really pretty colour! Keeping my fingers crossed. ;p

  33. It would have to be a little scruffy bear type face and mohair but in pink with a longer body and bright blue eyes.
    or just the toasted marshmallow bear as he is so huggable and looks wonderfully soft.

  34. Oh, I'd love to see Laylah with pale pink fur - Sweetheart or Musk!
    Thank you for the giveaway!


  35. I am in love with Seamus and his blue eyes. I wouldn't change a thing about him. Blue is my favourite colour and his eyes and expression stole my heart. Lennox's scruffiness was a close second but I can't see him with blue eyes.

    you have fantastically beautiful bears!!! I really liked the cactus and the Baby Bear. I wish you success in творчистве, and the further success of your blog!!!

  37. me encantaria el Blue-eyed Panda, pero disfrazado de conejo rosa, jajaja con esos tiernos ojitos y con el disfraz quedaria tiernisimo, llevo tu sorteo a mi blo

  38. wooow! amazing! super!
    ...please enter my name....
    I like: Big Bright Bear

    Eva from Serbia

  39. Эмма, привет! Все медведи просто фантастические! Выбрать невозможно, всех хочется обнимать и целовать! Все радуют взор!
    Спасибо за розыгрыш.
    Ссылка тут

  40. ooh i'd love a bear like Etta with the coconut ice faux fur or a bear like Beres, Indigo or Larue! oh my it would be so hard! or a bear with enchanted forest mohair..ok i have to stop!

  41. I like red Big-Eyed Bears :)

  42. Duchess in snow leopard with 18mm 050 eyes


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