Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Real guinea pigs!

We got two new guinea pigs today! The big brown ball of fluff is a 1 year old ginger agouti rex with a super thick coat. And the little orange one is a ginger Abyssinian baby, only 5 weeks old. I drove 40mins in the rain to the other side of Brisbane to go to the breeder to get these girls. I actually went there because the breeder had advertised a silver agouti rex baby that I'd agreed to adopt, but when I got there she tried to tell me that a different baby was the one she'd sent me a photo of (it was a completely different colour/fur type!). I don't know if she thought I wouldn't notice... but it wasn't all bad, these two lovely ladies pulled at the heart strings, so they came home with us.

Chelsea is so good with them too. She handles them like she's been doing it for years! I still have to watch her carefully though as she gets a little too confident sometimes, moving them around to different locations every 30sec or so!

I had partially finished one of the silver faux fur guinea pigs when I was taking the photos, so thought I'd get one of him posed next to a real piggy! How cute do they look together :)

I also got a video of the newbies meeting Custard and Alice (our original piggies) for the first time. I wasn't sure how they'd go, sometimes there can be fighting for top position in the group, but they seemed to get along quite well. Fingers crossed no one has to be separated!

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