Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More real guinea pigs

Continuing on with the 'theme of the month' this month, I've just adopted two more guinea pigs! These two are brother and sister. The boy has a stunning curly coat, and the girl is unbelievably soft! I've called him 'Sprout' and her 'Sparrow'!

The owner told us that they were 4 weeks old, but after checking them over at home I seriously doubt that. I'm thinking they'd be lucky to be 2 weeks. Which is way too young for them to have left mumma. As a measure of comfort they have the big fuzzy rex girl in with them to give them someone to hide under. I'll have to keep an eye on the little boy though, in a few weeks or so he'll discover his manhood... and we'll all know about it! :P

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