Saturday, April 9, 2011

eBay. Need I say more! :P

I have a very fickle relationship with eBay. For years there I had a bear for auction every week. Then I just got sick of the uncertainty of it. Would the bear sell or not? Would it get to a level I considered reasonable, or finish at little more than a 99c starting price? So I stopped, preferring to only list on bearpile and etsy.

But I noticed this afternoon (while browsing for a tiny baby-size tuxedo for Byron to wear to a wedding in a months time) that listing is free now if you start your item at 99c. And, at the moment the gallery image fee is free as well. Not sure how long this has been like this, or will be like this, but I thought I'd give eBay another chance.

I may regret this, but what's life without a little risk! :P

So I now have all the remaining 'bear army' bears listed at 99c, no reserve, 7 day listing if any of you are keen to check them out. Great way to score one of my bears for cheap!

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