Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another addition to my collection!

Two new bear parcels in one week! I am spoilt!

Yesterday morning a little box from Barney Bears arrived on our doorstep. Chelsea was very keen to help me open it after the last parcel that had arrived!

We pulled the string, and popped the lid, and out came the tiniest, cutest, heaviest little bundle of beary-goodness you could ever imagine!

Chelsea didn't want to give him up, so he got a few cuddles for a while till the novelty of his arrival wore off.

Then I was able to claim him back and get a really good shot of him. Look at his little face. Some times I wonder if I'm more of a bear maker... or bear collector!


  1. ой какой милашка........ такой мааааааленький!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow Emma I'm well impressed! I love your photos of Winston's arrival, and I also love your website (will link you on my website too) it just makes people like me happy and I will be a regular visitor! It sounds like it's great fun in your household, Thank you :0)) x
    Cheryl, Barney Bears

  3. glad you enjoyed reading about his arrival. And i would definitely say its crazy in our house!