Monday, April 25, 2011

Byron chatting and toy voyager update

This is just a little video I took of Byron having a chat with me two weeks ago. It's a little wobbly, so if you get motion sickness it might be best not to view it. But it is pretty cute. (well I think so anyways, but I could be biased. I have to be, otherwise I wouldn't still be getting out of bed three times a night for feeds! But now I am getting off topic...)

I also wanted to do a toy voyager update. Just after Byron was born I made him this little teddy who was supposed to go travelling the world on his behalf. I signed up to the toy voyager website, purchased tags and was all ready to go. Then I read some of the forums. LOTS of toys get lost. I really didn't want his bear to get lost. So I chose a bear from Chelsea's extensive collection that was nice, but not so special that I'd be heartbroken if it went missing. Chelsea and I left it sitting on a bench in our local shopping centre last week.

This evening the travel log was updated! I am very excited, and so happy that someone else saw the fun in the idea as well.

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