Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oliver update :)

Mr Oliver is fitting in wonderfully! He still nips at toes (especially Chelsea's), and occasionally does a wee inside (but only when we forget and shut all the doors to the backyard cause its so cold here at night!), but for the most part he is a wonder dog!

He comes when called. He sits and stays (mind you these are very new tricks), he wears his collar without fuss. He eats his food - both wet and dry. He sleeps on his own in the garage at night without crying. When he's tired during the day he just puts himself to bed. If i need to go out during the day, he happily lays in his bed until i get back. He travelled in the car today 40mins each direction to visit Nonna with no fuss - actually slept the whole way there and back! Didn't wee or poo in Nonna's house. Happily has baths and is fine with being towel dried. Happily greets new people, adults and kids. And MOST importantly - keeps Chelsea occupied when she would otherwise be crying at my feet!

This is the scene I found this morning. It was too quiet. And both of them were missing from the lounge room. I spotted them in the far corner of the garden, so quickly grabbed my camera and snapped some stealthy paparazzi shots! They are so gorgeous together, and I'm so glad we decided to add a puppy to our family :)


  1. They are both so cute!! Big friends forever ;-)

  2. Que escena mas adorabel y tierna!!!!
    besitos ascension