Thursday, August 19, 2010

A little disillusioned...

So today we got the keys to our new place.

At the moment we live in a little 2 bedroom villa in a complex of 13 other villas. We have a tiny little backyard. A scrappy garden, blinds that are falling apart, a kitchen that needs a good scrub and a bath tub that sinks down when you stand in it. Not to mention the termite damage in the roof and skirting board in our bedroom...

But it has almost brand new good quality carpet that we put in about 18months ago, reverse cycle aircon, ceiling fans, a good size garage and clean walls!

This afternoon, after Mark got home from work, we loaded up some boxes in our cars and took a drive to the new place to check it out. We'd only seen it twice. Once at the open house. Again a few days later, just before we put the offer in. And it had been fully furnished. It seemed so tidy and neat.

Now that it is empty - EVERY mark, scratch, dint, and grubby spot stands out like a sore thumb. The carpet is OLD, and grubby as hell! The railing near the door is wobbly, the cupboard doors feel like they're about to come off when you open them, some of the switches are a bit loose, the backyard has a very distinct smell of wet dog, there are old (and new) dog poo's over the yard, the patio light actually lights up the garden - not the patio, there is no aircon, no ceiling fans, the garage is tiny and is actually the laundry as well...

I suppose I'm just a bit annoyed that the owners sold it to us like that. And hid the grubbiness and damage behind furniture. I know our place isn't perfect, but we're in the process of fixing all damage and getting professional cleaners in BEFORE we even put our place on the market. And it will be sold empty so there is nothing to hide.

I know this doesn't have anything to do with bears. But I really felt the need to vent. Mark is currently at the new place with a 24hr hire carpet cleaning machine he picked up from the local supermarket, attempting to make the place a little more sanitary. I just feel like we shouldn't have had to do that. We definitely shouldn't have had to pick up their dog's crap either! I just feel like we've downgraded instead of upgrading. Which wouldn't be so bad if that was what we'd set out to do... but it wasn't. So it has come as a bit of a nasty surprise...

And that's my vent! On a slightly happier note, we pick up our new Beagle cross Cavalier puppy tomorrow. Maybe he will add a happier spin to this whole transition period!


  1. That's totally unacceptable... when people move out, they should clean the place, and at the VERY least, pick up their dog poo.

  2. I can totally relate (but not with the dog mess.) About the only thing I can tell you is that once you put in all the work to fix it up, it will truly feel like it's yours.
    Our old house still needs fixing and a few things done but it is HOME.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this. I have a really hard time relaxing if my space is dirty or messy. I hope that you can bring it up to snuff. Congratulations on your new puppy, how exciting. The photos of them are adorable!!

  4. First of all congrats with the new puppy. I´m sure he will bring lots and lots of joy :)
    What a shame about the house, I feel sorry for you that you have to start in your new place like this. How awful that the former owners left such a mess. I hope you feel home soon in your new place.

  5. Ah, Cavalier's do dainty dog stuff, so you should feel better. Ah sorry babe x x x

  6. I'm not even going to imagine a cavie cross and a great dane !

  7. I'm so sorry to hear that with your new home. I hope it takes not too long to repair everything there.
    A Cavalier Beagle cross... that's great. The fotos are lovely!!!

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  9. Oh dear Emma, what a let down. But just think of all the fun you'll have redecorating your new home. Try and stay positive, I'm sure you'll get it looking and smelling beautiful.
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane
    P.S. Please stop by when you get a chance, I have a great giveaway on offer.

  10. oh emma! sorry to hear your troubles! i hope with some work you can get your new home all cozy and pretty! huggs