Friday, June 18, 2010

Another awesome surprise for Miss Chelsea

Some of you may remember a blog entry I did a little while ago when an amazing collector (and 'official Chelsea Fan Club Member') send her a sweet little teddy bear?

Well Miss Julie has been at it again, secretly finding awesome things to post all the way to us here in Australia! Today Chelsea received a crazy-cute squishy orange pig!

This photo shows all the toys Julie has sent for Chelsea so far in her 11 months of life! The black rabbit was such a favourite when she was tiny. She loved sucking on his sticky-outty ears. He was lost in the bottom of the toy box for a little while though. Pulled him out to get this group shot. The white plush lamb is a super favourite right now. He is so soft, and Chelsea can't help herself but lie down on anything soft and suck her thumb (toys, jumpers, socks, bath robes, Mark's backside one night when he was trying to watch TV etc!).

She re-discovered her family of sheep in these photos. I had put them away cause i didn't want her to destroy them. They are a beautiful hand knit little family. I think because she hasn't seen them since Christmas, she got a bit excited and tried to cram all three into her mouth at once!

Then she had a little chat to the new orange piggy...

...before deciding it was time for her to leave home!

Thanks so so much Julie. It means so much to us. Chelsea is a lucky girl to have someone so generous in her life. Even if she has never had a chance to meet you!