Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Monkey Arrived!!!

I was trawling through ebay and the orphans on bearpile a few weeks back, and stumbled across this little sweetheart. And HAD to have her! She is the MOST expensive adoption I've ever made, and is my very first reborn doll adoption. But she is a true work of art! Look at that sweet little face. (and we'll just call her an early birthday present... ;))

Chelsea loved her too. She squealed with delight when I lifted her out of the box, and just about jumped on me to get to her. I let her have a little cuddle - but after the money I out-laid to get her sent all the way from the UK to Australia, I'm a little reluctant to let Chelsea too close. (During the cuddle session she decided Monkey needed to be pushed into the garden - cementing my resolve to keep Monkey safe on a very high shelf!).


  1. Holy cow!!!! That monkey looks sooooooo real! What an awesome doll!
    I just love your mini bears too Emma!