Friday, June 4, 2010

Edwin - my latest custom order complete!

(click on any of the photos for a closer look)

So this is Edwin. A stunning hand-dyed mohair Forest Faery creature bear, made as an incredibly fun custom order.

The fur was supposed to be a lovely purple blue - very much like it looks in the photos, but in person it is actually a deep amethyst purple. See this photo below for a hint of the real colour. Also this photo of a cut amethyst stone shows the true colour of the fur quite accurately as well. It really is that deep and brilliant!

Edwin is approx 17-18" tall from the top of his ear, to the sole of his foot. He is made from a gorgeous hand-dyed amethyst purple corkscrew curl mohair, with teal-green shorter mohair ears, hands and feet. He looks out through deluxe glass eyes, with ultra suede whites. Has a hand embroidered nose with some silk dye shading. He is fully and firmly cotterpin jointed and stuffed reasonably firmly with polyfill and glass beads in his limbs and belly. He also has silk-dye shading to his feet, with some hand sewn toe detail. He comes complete with a gorgeous set of sparkly gold-encrusted vain-effect wings with a stabilising wire centre for some flexibility of movement. The wings are finished with a soft lilac satin bow and sewn securely in place between his 'shoulder blades' (if bears had shoulder blades... :P). He also wears a sparkly golden collar made from the same material as his wings, with a gold-tone metal pendant featuring the same filigree look. Edwin is a one of a kind bear!


  1. Edwin Wery, wery beautiful! Color super!!

  2. Aww, he's fab. I'm so jealous that you can create so many beautiful bears so quickly, and with a baby, I feel so inefficient lol