Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Bear - Roxanna

Roxanna is the fattest, greenest, sweetest little chunk of bear that i've made in a long time! She's the result of the piece of mohair that I dyed here. I painstakingly went through ALL of my patterns in my very un-organised pattern folder (I really need a better system!) to find the one that would fit the odd shape of fur I had at my disposal. It was just under a fat 1/8th as I'd used the other part to make my custom bear Edwin - who was also hand dyed (a rich, dark purple that time).

I ended up deciding to go with short and fat for Roxanna rather than long and lean. I also tried my new Inktense foot shading technique again. This time I was a little heavier handed with the colouring before the wetting process to give me more colour to work with. It was actually quite fun. I just roughly scribbled the pencil of the corresponding fur colour out about 1cm along the edge of the paw pad until all colours were present on the pad. Then I dipped my finger tip into a cup of water and blended the colour from the edge of the foot towards the middle of the pad - starting with the lightest first, working around to the darkest. The trickiest bit is blending the colours together in the middle. If you keep the ink quite light towards the middle you don't get any 'muddying'.

I am definitely happy with the look, and will keep testing out as I can - bear permitting!


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this little chubby :) bear!!! She is SO adorable, I just want to hug her!!

  2. wow! she came out gorgeous! i love the fur! and her purple nose!