Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Surprise delivery for Miss Chelsea

Chelsea and i were rolling around in the lounge room this morning playing games with her fish-shaped teether, when the parcel delivery lady arrived and dropped off a small package. I recognised the sender immediately (an incredible lady who lives in the US, and who has sent Chelsea a decent collection of toys over the last 8 months of her life so far!).

Chelsea helped me unwrap it, and inside was the sweetest little hand-spun and knitted cashmere teddy! Chelsea (being as polite as any 8 month old), snatched him from my hands and started examining his little tag. So we removed that, then she proceeded to try and crawl while still holding him. I let her play with him for a while, then tried to take a photo of him to put with this post - when she decided that she wanted him back again! :P

I think he's a hit Miss Julie! And thank you so so much! You are too generous!

1 comment:

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