Friday, April 2, 2010

A different kind of sewing

I decided that i should sew an outfit for Chelsea. In the big batch of hand-me-down clothes i got from my mum were two outfits i had sewn for my younger siblings 10 and 7 years ago. So i knew i had done it before. Just not in a very long time!!

Sewing clothing is similar to bear making, but different enough to prove a bit of a challenge. I 'stole' the pattern from another commercially made outfit of Chelsea's, giving it a few tweaks to make it look more like i wanted it to look (and a little less complicated!). Cut it out. Made some more tweaks. Started sewing - yet more tweaks... a bit of unpicking. A bit of re-designing. A bit of experimentation and trial and error - and finally the outfit was done!

Its like an oversized romper, or one-piece bloomers, made in a sweet 'old fashioned' butterfly and flower print of muted creams, pinks and blues. It has two butterfly buttons down the back and some buttons and snap fasteners between the legs for easy nappy changes. I'm pretty happy with it. Some bits are a bit uneven, but I think it's great for a prototype!

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