Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rainbows and sunshine

It has been raining a LOT here lately. A lot! So when we were blessed with a few hours of sunshine yesterday I took the opportunity to get some mohair dyed up. We don't actually have a clothes line at our new house... so the fence had to make do as a drying rack! Mark was tasked with the job of running the newly rinsed out pieces of mohair down to the fence, then coming back up to the house to grab the next bit. We didn't want to risk them bumping/flicking onto each other in case the colours bled.

It only took about 2hrs flapping in the breeze and with the hot Australian afternoon sun blaring down on them for the mohair to dry. I gathered it all up in a massive bundle and got it back inside the house just before another storm rolled over.

We were without electricity here for about 6hrs today (after some earth workers accidentally drilled through our mains power cable!), but I finally got back on to the computer this evening to get all of the new pieces listed. 

If you can't find a colour you're looking for - let me know ( and we can custom dye you up a piece.


  1. They look awesome hanging along the fence. :-)

  2. That kid turquoise is such a beautiful colour. The fence did the job well.

  3. thanks ladies. I knew there was a reason we put that fence there ;) lol