Friday, January 23, 2015


With the last few pieces of hand-dyed turquoise fur left over from 'Umiko's' pattern cut out, we managed to whip together this little lady. Sweet Babette.

Babette is 12" tall (so a good deal more petite then Umiko), and made predominantly in the natural white mohair. We curled it to look the same as the pile effect on the dyed turquoise piece though (this mohair is called 'Eddie' in our store, and in the 'off-the-roll' form it's quite a flat/wavy pile. But add a bit of water, flick it out and hang it to dry and those flat waves become cascading curls!)

We've kept Babette quite softly stuffed but also very heavy, so you naturally want to kind of scoop her to you while you hold her. She nestles into your arms like a little kitten.

(If you can't tell I'm quite fond of this one!).

Babette is available for adoption. 

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