Monday, January 19, 2015

Pandora the Pink Panda

We had another custom ted to work on this week - a BIG 25" pink and black panda-style bear. 

Her new mum requested she be made from our black 'Ace of Spades' fur and our unusual pink/choc 'Turkish Delight' fur. I would have to say that Turkish is our most under-rated fur fabric! It hardly ever gets used by us for creations - and is probably our worst seller as well! But it is really very lovely (if not incredibly hard to photograph!).

Mark takes it to heart a bit as this was the fur he chose with our last shipment, but I honestly think it's just because it's a little different to your ususual pink fluffy fabrics!

And here she is all finished and ready to meet her new mum. She has been named 'Pandora' - which is just perfect for her! If her shape looks familiar it is because she is a 75% pattern reduction of our 'JUMBO' design.

If you would like your own custom teddy, don't hesitate to contact us :)  

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