Saturday, January 3, 2015

Personal Bear Collection selloff

These critters are a collection of orphaned bears that have been gathered over the many years we've been in the artist bear community.
Many are from our own personal collection, some have been swaps for Emma's Bears, some have been traded for bear supplies. We have an eclectic assortment of critters here, and all are in excellent condition. We decided to make some space for further business expansion (new fur, new Emma's Bears, new stock etc), so the poor personal collection needs to be moved on. They've just been sitting in storage, so it will be refreshing for them to see a change of scenery I think! 
Please note that once sold, they are not able to be replicated (obviously!) - so if you really like someone, grab them while you can. We have 40+ bears and critters available in a special listing on our website. 


  1. Some of those top ones look like Charlie bears.

    1. Well Spotted Kay - they are indeed. Only one Charlie bear is left now though. And the OOAK bears are slowly finding new homes too. Some of my favourites were snapped up very quickly!

  2. I cannot wait to have Duffy home!
    Thank you again!