Saturday, May 14, 2011

some exciting news

This is my newest bear Zaire (above you can see a 'before' photo I took yesterday - before I sewed his nose and attached his head to his body!). He is the first of three bears in this pattern and fur that I am making to take along to a school presentation I have been asked to do next week!

Zaire will be the finished example. The next bear I will sew and joint, but leave unstuffed so the kids can see how the joints work. And the last one I will simply sew but leave un-turned and in pieces. This will allow the kids to see part of the bear-making process, and allow me to show them how awesome it is to turn the pieces right side out (one of my favourite bits!). I'm also taking Pluto and Junket, Banjo, Waffle, all the remaining guinea pigs, Pax and my latest colourful trio. And of course all the bear making paraphernalia - fur, eyes, stuffing, pellets, tools etc.

I'm am very much looking forward to this - and only hope I can keep the interest of a room full of prep and year one kids for an hour!


  1. Oh he's so beautiful! I'm sure they will love it!

  2. Oh he is absolutely awesome, I'm sure the kids will love the whole process :o)