Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zac and Zaide

At last, the remaining two spotty bears are done! The eyes I needed arrived yesterday, and the kids were so well behaved this morning that I managed to get the last finishing touches completed.

Zac is the big boy with the blue nose and higher-set ears. Zaide has the black nose and the shimmery feet. This gold stuff is something new that I picked up from Bear Essence. I've never worked with a gold 'dust' before, but it has been really fun. And gives such a brighter/more intense sparkle then paints. Apparently you can mix the dust through polymer clay too, so I might try sculpting some sparkly noses next.

Zaide has been listed on bearpile, and Zac will be once I get another chance. He is the same price, and basically the same information as Zaide though. So if you are interested in him just let me know.

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