Monday, December 13, 2010


So I'm still stuck for what to call these guys. In all my photos I've ended up just labelling them as 'creatures', so that might just have to do.

They are quite large too. I think I got a bit carried away in my design. The original plan was for them to maybe be about 10-12". Nice and petite and good for a child to hold. But then I remembered that I wanted to use up the crazy bright fur, which was the whole point of making them. And they ended up standing in at 32" (83cm).

Chelsea LOVED them when I finished them on Friday. She tried to carry them both at once, but one is roughly the same size as her, so it didn't work real well. I think her preference was for the yellow one, but I quite liked the blue better. They are completely child-safe too, down to the sewn-on felt eyes, embroidered nose, joint-less limbs and body stuffed solely with polyfill.

I am just about to list them on etsy too, and plan to market them as children's toys. Expensive children's toys mind you, but unique ones! Not sure if there is a market out there for toddler-sized, bug-eyed, rainbow coloured, fluffy and floppy 'creatures', but I suppose time will tell!

*** Update - I've named them Pluto and Junket, as it seemed like they needed some kind of identity! And they are now on bearpile and etsy ***