Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

After being wiped out by a summer cold and chesty cough, then having Chelsea come down with it too, then having my pelvis seize up and not being about to walk for a good 24hours, this week has been a bit of a bad run! But today was lovely! Mark has finished work for the year, so we took Oliver and Chelsea for a walk through the mangrove board-walk 5mins from our house with the tide lapping at the edge on the walkway, and then spent the evening with Mark's Mum and the amazing street party they put on every Christmas eve. (I also hand sewed a tiny 4" pink and purple mohair baby guinea pig because I 'needed' to create something different, and little! She's very cute, and I'll get photos when I get a chance over the next few days).

I thought I'd share this photo of the three of us as well. Chelsea and Mark have their matching Santa shirts on, and I got stuck with just a stretchy red singlet top (there was no fitting this belly into a normal shirt!).

I'm almost 36 weeks now, and it feels like my bump is all out front. Bub gets the hiccups every day and gives me LOTS of squirms and wriggles when I lye on my side. I'm having fun at the moment imagining what bub will look like, and trying to gloss over how much my life will change with two mini-people in my care. Christmas is a good distraction though, I just keep telling myself to get through Christmas first, then new year... then it'll be time for baby!

Hope you all have a fantastic day tomorrow!!! Eat lots (but don't get sick!) and enjoy watching your loved ones opening presents!


  1. Merry Christmas Emma, Thanks for your wonderful blog. I really enjoy reading it.

  2. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year


    Katy and Misae