Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2011 Calendars

I was thinking this morning that I never say hello to all of you who read this blog. I always just go straight into whatever incredibly fascinating thing it is that I have to say at that particular time, which is a little self-absorbed isn't it! :P

So hello. I am sure there are many of you who read this blog whom I will never meet, and will never actually know have even been here. I hope your mid-December day has gone along wonderfully whether you're braving the heat and rain in Australia or the cold and snow in the northern hemisphere.

As a little piece of interest, I was wondering (if you felt up to it) if you would leave a little comment letting me know how you stumbled across this blog. I know I have some blogs on my reading list that were bizarre chance finds :)

Also, I wanted to give a heads up to anyone interested, that I'm going to produce an 'Emma's Bears Calendar' for 2011. I will be ordering them tomorrow some time and was wanting to get a really rough idea of how many to get!? I'll stock them in my etsy store and sell them over the next month or two (or 12 if it takes that long! :P), but am stumped on how many will actually sell!? Ah, the joys of supply and demand!

So also, if you feel up to it, I'd love you to leave me a little message here or send me an email at eleb2000@hotmail.com if you think you might be interested - no obligation. They will cost $25 and will be about 11" by 8" (20cm by 28cm). Postage within Australia will be $2, internationally $7.

Here are some screen dumps I managed to get to give you a sneak peek.

*** UPDATE - I can also order the calender in the pink-tones background or the creamy background as well ***


  1. I'll put my hand up for a calendar Emma, and I can't remember how I found your blog, maybe via your website.:)

  2. It seems to me, that I founded your blog cause of candy :). I saw on side bar (don't rememeber where) a photo of cute bear :).
    Your calendar is very nice, but in December I begin to hate all the calendars - it's my job to create them for customers. And than, in Junuary and February my flat is full of different calendars (ohohoh...) and I always try to find place for them.

    But in any case I can appreciate it :). I like the first one - in cold blue tone. It looks realy nice :)

  3. I think I found you through another bear maker advertising one of your giveaways :o)

  4. thanks guys. I wondered how many people might have popped over here because of the giveaways. They are really worth it I think. And I like the blue tone background too... followed by the wispy creamy one. Maybe I'll just order a few of each!

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