Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Christmas Wish

FINALLY - I managed to get this big guy done! Life really got in the way of my sewing this week! I had visitors, and playgroup break up parties and rum-ball cooking and present buying and storm surviving to do... But last night I got stuck in and got Wish done. It was an interesting experience though as I was getting rather regular braxton hicks contractions the whole time... which continued throughout the night, but seem to have subsided this morning. (My prediction/hope is that this bub is going to come a little early! Maybe not THIS early, but maybe in two weeks or so would be nice...)

So anyways, back to Wish Bear... I'm calling him my 'all-year-Christmas-bear' as he is so subtly Christmas-themed that he really would look fine displayed all year. His fur is a stunning long white faux fur with silver threads - very festive! And I've just popped him up on bearpile too. Now to see if I have the energy to get the next big bear done. (Which is also slightly Christmas themed, so it would probably be a good idea to make him/her before christmas! :P)

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