Saturday, April 10, 2010

Slightly obsessive about all things GUINEA PIG

Ok. I've always known it. But sometimes its a lot more obvious. I have a fairly obsessive nature. Once i get 'into' something, i fall hard!!!

For example: I got really excited about jewellery making at one point. But instead of just buying a couple of little packs of beads and some earring hooks, I spent over $300 on Swarovski Crystal beads in a multitude of colours, and had to get sterling silver findings so i could make these... I got a bit carried away and made dozens of them, thinking they'd sell well on etsy. But a year later i think I'd sold one pair! The rest ended up making really awesome birthday presents for all my friends and family. They could probably all join the 'rainbow earring brigade'!

So the latest obsession is my little mohair guinea pigs (if you hadn't noticed). And before that is was the polymer clay (which i must say i am not finished with - the guinea pig idea just snuck in the side and has temporarily taken over!).

Today i whipped up two SWEET little baby piggies to go with a full size mumma. I only just got them finished, and its night time here right now, so no photos till the morning. So I thought I'd post a photo of my four sweet piggy girls when they were only a day old over three years ago. These are the same guinea pigs that I mentioned in my earlier listings - Bundy, Sophie, Custard and Sweep. My husband and I actually got to see each one born, quite by chance too. (I even had to help the mumma piggy with Custard as they all came so quickly, she got distracted and didn't clean up the membrane from Custards face after she was born.)

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