Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bears, cows and escaping

A very condensed version of my day...

* Wake at 5:30am. Say goodbye to Mark (hubby) who has recently decided to start a walking exercise regime in the mornings before work.

* 7:30am wake again (after falling back asleep), Mark is leaving for work. Chelsea is awake. He brings her in to me and i feed her in bed.

* By 8:30am both Chels and I have had breaky, i've showered and dressed, Chels is dressed. Nappy bag packed. Food organised for her lunch and for contribution to playgroup. Leave for playgroup (other side of the city).

* arrive at playgroup at 9:30am. Chelsea was very cooperative and had a 30min sleep on the way!

* between 9:30-1pm deal with a wingey, clingy baby as Chelsea refuses to play with the other kids (despite driving almost an hour to get there! - she doesn't care about petrol cost though!).

*1pm give her lunch. Change her. Set up porta cot. Get her to sleep.

* By 1:30pm Relax with other mum and have our own lunch.

* 2pm Chelsea wakes grumpy. Deal with grumpy, clingy baby for the rest of the afternoon. Take photos of the 'pet' cow at the other mum's house. (She will be dinner in a few months...)

* leave at 3:30pm. Chelsea has another uneventful car sleep (i love these. Where she just slowly drifts off to sleep. No screaming or fussing or wriggling!)

* Home at 4:30pm. Take photos of the new bear Orli. Take photos of Chelsea trying to escape while i take photos of the bear.

* 5:30pm Mark gets home. Chelsea just about 'runs' to him as he walks through the door (she's definitely a daddy's girl!)

* 6pm give Chelsea her dinner. Mark gives her a bath and i cook dinner.

* 7pm-8:30pm Chelsea and Mark and I play around in the lounge room. Chelsea gets her last feed, then gets put to bed. (again, no crying or fussing. Just straight into her cot, thumb in the mouth and off to sleep! I love nights like this. Makes the crappy days worthwhile!)

* 8:30pm onwards = Mummy Daddy time. :)

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