Thursday, April 8, 2010

My little poser

I just had to make a quick post with this photo! I snapped it while we were down at the beach yesterday afternoon with my mum and my youngest two siblings (that's her uncle Harrison she's leaning on, her aunty Lilly's leg and her pram bunny in the background!). Too cute! Looks like she's deep in reflection about something doesn't it.


  1. that is a photo you will forever cherish! simply adorable....
    have her do that same pose when she's 19 and contemplating her life path....and put them side by side, in the same frame!....

    that's what I'd do!

    ciao bella..

    creative carmelina

  2. Thanks Carmelina. I think i might just do that. I have done a similar thing with chelsea's scan pic, and then took another picture of her exactly a year after the scan pic was taken. I might just post it rather than describe it!