Thursday, October 24, 2013

A couple more Collaborations

This week we had a few appointments for the surrogate pregnancy, so I didn't think it would be wise to take on too big of a project. So instead I raided the Collaboration Bears Box for a few new bags of bits and whipped up these three cuties.

Here we have 'Aster' made in a really pretty rich gold mohair. We gave her a pair of these stunning coloured glass eyes (not painted by us - they were left over from an eye order from some years ago) that matched beautifully with the rosey nose thread I wanted to use.

She had the most delicious big feet too, so we decided to do some pulled toes to set them off. She is actually one of my favourite Collaboration creations so far - and is still available through our etsy store.


Then I decided to see how this bear would look made up. The colour of her mohair is nearly impossible to describe. Not quite purple, not quite grey... Very unusual and pretty though. And paired so nicely with the big purple collar we gave her.

Lydia has black glass eyes, a black embroidered nose and we've shaded and embroidered some black claws on her hands and feet too. Just keeping the colour theme very simple for Lydia. She is available via our etsy store as well.


This little guy had me curious before I even got him out of his bag! I didn't know what kind of fabric he'd been cut from - but through sewing some of it to complete his pieces realised that it was actually very soft. I think it's a patterned/textured faux suede meant for upholstery. It does give him quite a unique look...

Some of his bits had been stuffed, but we decided to discard the old stuffing (which was quite brittle and firm) and replace it with our eco stuffing (recycled PET polyfiber) which is a lot softer and allowed us to fill out his shape without placing too much strain on his seams/fabric.

We gave him black glass eyes and a little embroidered nose. He is currently available via our etsy store.


Then, most recently is little 'Penny Pup' - who I literally JUST finished now! She is made from a buttery-cream coloured mohair (ratinee style). We've 6-way jointed her (head, arms, legs and tail) and shaded her with a couple of spots and patches. She looks like she might be poodle x to me, but I think everyone will see a different breed in her (so we're calling her a mix-breed pup! Sounds nicer then mongrel as my dad would call her!)

Penny Pup is also available for adoption via our etsy store.

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