Saturday, October 19, 2013

The L-bears

At the same time as we drew up the Tissavel fur bunny from the last post - we also drew up 5 little 10" bears using our 'Osias' pattern. A good, simple classic teddy bear that works so beautifully in faux fur with the scissor sculptured cheeks. These were the 5 little faces after nearly a whole days work trimming cheeks, setting eyes and embroidering noses! 

My fingers are still recovering!

The next day we set about sewing on ears (I always leave this till right at the end as it's the bit I find hardest!), and attaching heads to bodies. The two bears above and below here are made entirely from the Tissavel, while the trio-shot far below shows the three we mixed up with some Kid Mohair as well.

Late that night I was up watching 'Game of Thrones' and closing seams! Slowly but surely we worked our way through the 25 seams!

The next morning it was time for accessories and 'day light' photos. We decided to name them all using the letter 'L' - so they ended up referred to as the 'L-bears' here!

The gorgeous little guy on the front left with the blue bow has already been adopted. And it looks like the lighter bear on the front right might have as well - but the centre three bears (Lance, Lexis and Lyall) are currently available via our etsy store.



These three bears have limited edition kits available - three kits per colouring. You get the Tissavel fur, the kid mohair, the glass eyes, the nose thread, the pendant, the paw pad and the pattern. (We can also add in the stuffing, bead weight and sewing thread if you really want it all inclusive!).

You can find the kits available in our etsy store too. **Please note that there is only ONE 'Lexis' kit available at the time of posting***


  1. You did very well to scissor sculpt 5 in one day. It takes me two days to do one mink bear. I must be slow.

  2. lol thanks Kay. It was something new for me too - doing that many faces in one working day. I still have the dint on my finger from holding the scissors for so long!