Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A bear for a baby girl

I was contacted recently, and asked if I could make a little red bear for a baby girl who will be having her first birthday shortly. Her mum specifically requested NO PINK, and prefered the bear to have floppy limbs and safety eyes rather then joints and glass eyes as she wanted her little lady to be able to play with her special bear.

So I sat down and drew up a new design - a normal teddy head with the white face insert (so her eyes wouldn't get lost in all that red fur!), but designed the body to hold the arms and legs as inserts. Kind of like the gift bears you can by at florests/card stores. She ended up 13" tall, and is actually really lovely to hold. I've always had a soft spot for floppy bears and have noticed that my own kids tend to prefer the softer, floppier toys over the more firmly stuffed ones.

I wanted to get a photo of the teddy with a 'toddler' to show the size comparison (not that Chelsea is really a toddler any more at 4yrs old!)! I actually snuck into her room after she'd fallen asleep and tried to tuck the teddy in next to her for the photo - but the cheeky little Miss woke up! She was happy to have her photo taken though! lol

So this particular teddy has gone to her new home. But I had a lot of fun making her, so have done up a custom listing on etsy if anyone would like to order their own - in whatever colours they'd like.

The bit I think I like the best about this design is that the bear is completely washable too (which has been a very important aspect of my own kid's favourite toys!)

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