Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sparkle bears - 'Boots' and 'Sneakers'

We've had a LONG week this week. The kids haven't been well, which has meant their usual days at kindy and preschool haven't gone to plan. Which also means that our usual days for working have been interrupted. Which leads to less-then-ideal productivity!

But - we did still manage to get these two cuties finished. As well as packing up and sending off our regular website orders. So it wasn't a complete loss!

Both bears have been made in our 'Jonas' pattern, which when made out of a short pile mohair gives the bear an olden/antique look. When made out of this gorgeous long pile, bright sparkle faux fur you get a totally different and quite modern look.

Boots is currently still available for adoption.

And this little lady is 'Sneakers'. Both named for their cute matching shoe pendants. Sneakers has already found her new home.

We decided to offer a limited edition of 3 kits for each of these bears as well. We only have ONE left of the 'Boots' kit - the yellow/purple mix. But there are still the three 'Sneakers' kits available. You get a fully inclusive kit containing the fur, eyes, joints, nose thread, ribbon, pendant, cord, paw pad material, pattern and glitter paint to design your own paw pad detail/sparkle nose.

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  1. Sick kids and you made two bears, you are doing very well. More than I could do.