Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bushfire Bears - and the NEW shipment of mohair!

Quite recently Mark and I collected our newest shipment of German mohair. There were over 30 new lines/colours/piles in the new shipment, so we (or more specifically 'I') had a lot of fun sorting through it all!! We made sure we ordered a decent amount of white mohair - as this was what we ran out of first last time - as well as a good cross-section of natural colours, with a few new bright and unusual pieces.

These are just a few of the now available new mohairs. Mark has painstakingly listed them all on our website for me. I got the fun job of photographing them and describing/naming them!

There were a few special pieces that I held back for use on future Emma's Bears creations... once such piece was this stunning batik-dyed mohair in gold, brown and black. We decided to cut out a limited edition of 3 bears from it, and divide up the rest for sale and as kits. 

These were the bear bits as we finished sewing and turning them. Aren't the colours magnificent! 

Progress photos uploaded to our facebook page as these guys were completed. (On a quick side note here, we're only TWO likers away from hitting the 1000 mark on our Facebook Page, and as soon as we do we will be putting up our next giveaway Emma's Bear! If you've been meaning to head on over and check out the page, now might be the perfect time!)

And then there were three gorgeous bears to show for all the work! I LOVE how you get such a different effect depending on where the random dye markings show up on the mohair.

I would love to be able to link you to a listing where you can buy one of these 'Bushfire' Bears, but they've actually all been adopted in the last 24hrs! We nearly sold off all the mohair too - but did manage to keep two pieces back, enough to do a limited edition of TWO KITS for the Bushfire bear. If you'd like to have a go at making one of these guys, and seeing how the markings turn out on your ted, pop on over to our etsy store to view the kit listing.

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  1. Wonderful mohair and gorgeous teddy bears!! Love them all!