Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bubble, Clementine and Yue - plus some Piggy Panties!

This little sweetheart is our very latest bear 'Bubble' - finished about 3hrs ago this afternoon! She is something a little different, and a little anime/cartoon. Despite not really liking how she looked when I first finished her face, I'm actually quite proud of her now. All of her accessories and shading have pulled the look together.

She was made with a small piece of this stunning tipped mohair I had saved in my personal stash from some years ago. So she is most definitely a one off. We used our 'Booth' pattern, but reduced it by 50% (ie. print two pages of the pattern document onto one A4 page). You can check out all of her details in her etsy listing currently. 

And this fluffy boy was made yesterday. This is Clementine, so named due to his citrus coloured fur. I have used this fur some time ago for a trio of bears, but decided to use up the last of it for this big guy. He's made using our 'Booth' pattern, but we've placed the eyes a lot closer to the front of the face then is called for in the original design. The longer-pile fur helps give a more modern teddy look as well.

And lastly little 'Yue' - also made in the 'Booth' pattern reduced by 50%. He is made in our matted mohair range with a ribbon ruffle made from our new cross-grain spotted ribbons. 

Tiny Yue is currently available in our etsy store.

~ * ~

Amidst all of the bear making and general life, we adopted a new guinea pig that is just Chelsea's pet. She has been named 'Kobe' and is the most chilled out, relaxed little pig I've ever met. Chelsea was doing the whole 'watching TV while feeding Kobe grass on the couch' thing she likes to do most days, when we got the idea to see if one of her Cabbage Patch doll nappies would fit on Kobe.

This was the result!

So after posting this picture on our guinea pig facebook page, we got lots of questions about the possibility of making some of these for other people's pets. I set about drawing up a pattern that would fit a piggy a little better. The end result is shown below:

 We also made up some 'Ruffle' Piggy Panties for the more feminine pigs out there. These are especially cute! They are a little bizarre, but if you're interested you can also find cavy related goodies on our website too. 


  1. Your new bears are so lovely!


  2. Love your new bears. the little guinea pig takes the cake. My Grand daughter has her rabbit on the couch while watching TV.