Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another trio of bears - Sawyer, Eloise and Belarius

This little colour-ball came about after a collector asked if we could make one of our previous blue/purple tipped large bears in a smaller size. I knew we could, but also knew the look would change dramatically - but was curious to see this fur made up in our 10" Osias pattern, so whipped this boy up. We called him Sawyer, and while he wasn't adopted by the original collector (he was too different!), he quickly found a new home!

I had planned to offer some kits for Sawyer, but realised that I only had a small amount of the gorgeous cotton-print butterfly fabric used for his paw pads - so can only offer TWO! The kits are currently available in our etsy store until sold out.

Then, while we were on the roll of trying things for the hell of it, we thought we'd try using one of our plush lines to make a small-ish 9" bunny. Chubby Eloise is the result! I actually was SO motivated to make this girl that I started her (ie. got my pattern out and found a piece of this fur) at 9:30pm on friday night. She was completely finished - toes, shading, accessories, whiskers, seams closed etc, but 12:30am saturday morning. THREE HOURS! I have no idea how I managed that - I usually take at least 5 hours per critter.

I'm going to put it down to the gorgeous fur.

It is quite a silky/slippery pile to work with, but the trick i found was that if i made sure my seam allowances weren't stingy, i didn't have a problem. Stuff gently to give the softness of the pile a chance to really shine, and you'll end up with a gorgeous little plushie!

Eloise is currently available for adoption, and you can also purchase her pattern, her fabric (and her lollypop pendant!). We haven't made up kits for her yet because we're running seriously low on paw pad materials though! :P

And lastly, this big boy is 'Belarius'. He is another bear made up in one of our fabrics, just to see how it would work. The fur is 'Baby Owl' and is from our original import back in 2012. Surprisingly I hadn't used it on a bear like this yet. I wasn't sure how it would go being sculptured for the face - would it be too dark to see any detail, or would the cheeks be too full - but it worked beautifully and was a delight to play with! It's a long pile, but not over the top. And the length is quite uniform so you don't get wispy fly-away bits that tangle in your sewing thread.

Belarius is currently available for adoption. He will be a one of a kind, even though I did enjoy making him so much - I just have too many other ideas to try (and too little time to try them all!).

We don't have a kit for him either, as his pattern is one we haven't released yet. And may not ever release... it's one of my favourites. And a girl's gotta have some mystery! ;)

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  1. The new bears (& bunny) look wonderful Em! Wow, you work so quick, & they all look perfect! :)