Sunday, May 19, 2013

Two sets of Twins!

Normally we don't make more then one of the same bear. Mostly because I get bored easily. 

But lately I've been in the mood for twins!

These two are made in our black and chocolate kid mohair lines using our FREE pattern (see link on the upper left hand side of this blog). And I'm just in awe at how cute they've ended up. And how similar!

It's actually REALLY hard for me to get faces the same - even when using the same pattern and fur.

Jude 1 of 2 has found his new home, but the cutie shown below - Jude 2 of 2 is still available.

Then - to just flip over onto a whole other direction, we thought we'd do twin rainbow bears. 

These guys are also made using the FREE pattern. 

The differences are a little more obvious between bear 1 of 2, and bear 2 of 2 here  - mostly due to cutting the pieces from different areas of the hand-dyed quarter. One bear is mostly gold/yellow while the other has more blue/indigo. The faces are also both slightly different as well.

I've called this bear 'Orion', and both of the editions are currently available. So if you prefer one over the other (or if you want to keep the duo together) you get first choice!

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  1. Two lots of twins. That sure is double trouble.
    I love the Jude rang.