Friday, July 1, 2011

Rylee and Ryo

I was sorting out my rather extensive mohair and faux fur collection earlier in the week, when I pulled out a remnant of mohair from making Oreo and Blizzard. It was the last of the long, wiggly white mohair from Oreo. I had to make something with it right then, so the fur sorting got abandoned and I drew out these two little bears!

I only had enough to do one full bear in the white, so I decided to pair some hand dyed pink mohair with the last tiny bit to squeeze another bear out of it. I just love pink and white together! And if I'm honest, the pink and white bear is my favourite of the two!

I've called her Rylee, and her brother all in white Ryo (I'm pronouncing this as 'rio', but I could be wrong!).

I thought I'd try out something new with the paw pads too. I didn't plan to get quite as involved as I did though, and they both ended up quite detailed. I like the look, I just wasn't convinced the bears needed such detailed feet! But at the end of the day it doesn't at all subtract from the look of the bear, so alls well that ends well!


  1. They are adorable. I love the long wild fur.

  2. Such a sweet pair of little bears.I think I like the little pink and white one just a tiny bit more than her brother, although both of them are adorable.

  3. Какие шкоднючие михи, на львят похожи!!!
    Очень нравятся!!!

  4. Awww! They are both wonderful!! And those feet :) Adorable ♥

  5. thanks guys! :D I seem to have caught the 'girlyness' bug at the moment and have just cut our another three pinky/purple bears! Does anyone else get stuck on phases or themes with their crafting?

  6. I love the bears!. They are so cute. The bears I make are very traditional and I always admire the bearmakers who are able to come up with such complex designs. Beautiful.

    Polly, Pud Bears