Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Re-Addicted to eBay...

Hmmm... what was i saying about not visiting/listing on eBay for months and months... perhaps that was a blessing in disguise?! I have just spent the better part of the last hour trawling through the hundreds of awesome bears available... I really want a new bear for myself now!

These are a few of my FAVOURITES that i found tonight:

This is 'Chano'. The one I like the most. But the one I can afford the least! (always the way!)

This is 'Jilly'. Words don't do her justice!

And this is 'Chika'. I'm not usually captured by faux fur bears, but how sweet is that little face!


  1. Om my goodness.. they are such wee cuties! But I can definitely see why you like Chano.. such a sweet face. Ebay and Etsy are dangerous places to wander.

  2. Very pleasantly in your blog and in your wish list to see CHANO)))
    I wish you to thank and wish your of good luck))))
    warm regards, Maria

  3. Thank you Maria, you make such stunning creations. And my bank balance now proves how dangerous ebay and etsy are too! :P