Monday, May 24, 2010

Custom bear and an injured wrist

Just another quick post. The last few days have been a bit of a blur. I hurt my right wrist on saturday moving furniture, and have had to have it in a support for the last few days. It is feeling better now though, so I did a bit of work on my current custom bear. He's going to big a BIG black and brown shaggy synthetic bear with a mid brown face insert (so you can actually see his face amongst all the crazy fur!). All going well tomorrow with my wrist, and if Chelsea cooperates, I'll sew him up and try and get some pics.

Spent the day today browsing through craft stores with a close friend. We purchased so many goodies between us! I think we're single handedly keeping the craft industry in Brisbane afloat :P. I have some gorgeous little fat quarters of quilting cotton to use as bear paw pads for some sweet girly bears. (whenever I get a chance to make them!).

Thought i'd leave you with this photo i took of Chelsea last week. We cut through a vacant field to get to our local shopping centre when we decide to walk there instead of drive, and on this afternoon we stopped to have a play in the grass. (was the same day i took this photo too).

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