Friday, May 28, 2010

Custom Bear FINISHED!

Feels like this guy took me twice as long to complete - which probably isn't that much of an exaggeration due to my injured wrist at the start of the week (which incidentally is feeling fine now!).

This big guy will most probably be called 'Monty' by his new mum, and comes in at a whopping 20" tall. He's a mix of a lovely grizzly effect synthetic fur and a touch of mohair.


  1. I haven't tried combining synthetic with mohair in the same bear. It's the perfect touch, and I love his cute face, especially the effect of low eye placement.
    However, to be honest, the sweetheart on the left is MUCH cuter! :)

  2. thanks Barbara, yeah, his eyes were a little lower than usual - gives a kind of sulky, serious look i think! (and i think the little miss is pretty cute too ;))