Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Miss Behave

For the last week or so we've been working of a gorgeous set of four bears - all made using our largest available 'Jumbo' bear pattern. Made in full size this design will give you a bear between 30-33" tall. We decided to reduce it and make two smaller 18" tall bears as well.

This is the full group together. The cream girl with the pink nose is spoken for, but the other three will slowly make their appearances on the website over the next 24hrs or so. (or as I find the time to list them!).

This little lady is 'Miss Behave', and she is the first one listed for adoption. She's a gorgeous girl made using some of our new purple mongolian fur and some of our hand painted glass eyes (we currently have a new batch of over 70 different pairs available on the website too!).

Miss Behave is available for adoption right now - but she is a one of a kind, so I don't think she'll be available for long. :)

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