Tuesday, December 8, 2015


So... I decided to do make a BIG bear. Not just a 'big' bear actually - but a HUGE, OVER-THE-TOP, 'WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?' sized bear! 

The photo above shows one of his foot pads. The size of a dinner plate. The photo below shows the dinner-plate sized foot pad on comparison to the rest of the bear. But this still doesn't really help to give you a true grasp of his size... so we took lots of photos of his creation process to help... 

 (Before stuffing)

(after stuffing, but before trimming and facial details)

(about to set some eyes. Using this monstrosity of a needle!) 

Time for a nose. THIS was probably the most tedious aspect of the whole process I think. But I'm pretty happy with the resulting nose.


Meet 'Bruno'. He is a special un-jointed bed bear, designed to be a cuddly bed friend by night and a fantastic and impressive bed decoration by day. He would be approx 44" tall if he could stand. As it is, he takes up a space approx 32" x 32" x 32" sitting down - so because of this we are unable to ship or post him anywhere. Some couriers *might* take him interstate, but we've been quoted about $400-$500 for the privilege.

We can deliver him from the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas - or if you're local and would like to come and meet him that can also be arranged :) He is a ONE OF A KIND - we will not be making another bear this big again. And certainly not another one quite like Bruno.

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